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How AI Has Transformed Marketing Services? - RankoOne

How AI Has Transformed Marketing Services?

A survey has been done recently and showed that almost 61% of marketers are now relying on AI in marketing activities, while 44% of people are using AI in content creation. Another interesting thing is that almost 19% of marketers invest 40% of their marketing budget in AI campaigns. So, it is estimated that the AI industry will earn almost 107$ billion by 2028.  This article is designed to help you know some major types of AI in marketing along with marketing services benefits. So you will know how to transform your marketing strategies to make your business successful. 

6 Ways AI Transformed Marketing Services 

Let’s dive into the 6 ways that are used by RankoOne and allow the use of AI to transform marketing services and strategies:

AI Transformed Marketing Services - RankoOne

  • Create user segments easily

With user segmentation, you can ensure a customized user experience. It helps you to understand the needs and demands of the customers. AI technologies can determine patterns, perform segmentation and optimize tactics. All these technologies help brands to check browsing history, buying history, media activities and other demographics of users. 

  • Create targeted content

With the use of AI algorithms, brands can determine the language that better aligns with the audience’s needs. Without any doubt, AI is helpful in keyword research for SEO, which then can be added to website content, discussions and descriptions. As a result, it helps businesses to reach a wide audience. Moreover, it can help marketing services providers save time to engage in more helpful tasks to attract customers. 

  • Enhance product discovery

AI is helpful for e-commerce sites to deliver their message to the customer during the shopping stage. It recommends any product of your brand on social selling channels or apps. Plus, AI uses customer buying history and other interests to help them reach related products. Commonly personalized product recommendations are very useful for brands. 

  • Improve UX with voice and visual search engine

Undoubtedly, visual and vocal searches are considered the latest trends in E-commerce sites. So, you can get help from RankoOne for an improved user experience

Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization -RankoOne

With voice commerce, it becomes easier for customers to easily find and buy the product via voice command through Internet marketing Dubai services. So, businesses must add digital voice commands to their site to make browsing and buying easier for customers. Also, it can enhance the personalized user experience. 

Voice assistants

To enhance your sales and UX, it is better to get voice assistance from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is estimated that voice assistants will reach almost 8.5 billion by 2024. So, with the use of these platforms, brands can make it easier and more convenient for customers to buy products from voice-enabled devices. 

visual search engine

With visual search, customers can easily discover products. This includes the addition of images and videos related to your product and the integration of visual platforms such as Google Lens. So it makes shopping easier and more appealing for customers. 

  • Use AI chatbots

Now, businesses can use Best AI Chatbots to create a personalized experience and enhance user engagement. Chatbots are accessible 24/7 and can easily and quickly resolve all issues. Plus, these are helpful to check customer feedback to know their insights. Other than this, Chatbots are useful as a customer service representative and provide tips for better shopping. Also, these can make transactions easier. 

  • Increase your reach with Translation technology in AI

Now, AI has changed the world with Translation technology in AI, machine learning and more. Also, it allows businesses to grow their efforts with the delivery of quality translation and communication at the global level. Plus, AI can check the tone and context of the content to avoid any inaccuracy. 


At first, AI was only used in science fiction, but now it is used in all sectors, mainly in the online marketing industry. Though incorporating AI technologies comes with challenges, the benefits are always more than the risks in marketing services.

With the use of AI technologies, marketers and advertisers work more on their goals with the help of digital marketing agencies in Dubai. It helps them to grow their business to the next level. To get assistance regarding AI technologies and their working, you can contact RankoOne!