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Tips to Write Optimized Meta Title and Description for Good SEO Dubai

Tips to Write Optimized Meta Title and Description for Good SEO Dubai

Optimization of meta titles and meta description is a part of the on-page SEO of websites. SEO or search engine optimization is the key to growing the website and increasing conversion rates. SEO includes many techniques such as content optimization, keyword research, etc., that are used and implemented for growing the website. If you leverage the use of SEO well, it will help you improve the search engine ranking of your website and increase the online visibility of your website. SEO helps you to rank your website in the search result pages in the relevant research done by search engine users. Optimized Meta Title and Description for Good

However, SEO Dubai is incomplete without optimization of meta title and description of your webpages. Here are some tips to write optimized meta titles and descriptions for good SEO.

Research keywords

Dubai SEO services recommend the website owners to do keyword research before starting the SEO of their websites. It helps you to find keywords relevant to search queries that users make while searching for businesses like yours. You need to include these keywords in your web content to make sure that your web pages rank in the search results. Research keywordsWhile you incorporate these keywords into your content, you should also incorporate them into the meta title and meta description. You should not try to stuff all the keywords in the title and description. Rather you should only add the primary keyword in both of them. You should try to add the primary keyword in the start of your title and description.

Keep It Relevant

SEO services in UAE advise that you should keep the title and description relevant to the content of your website. Some websites write titles and descriptions that serve as click-baits. However when users click on them, they find that the content is irrelevant to the title and description that made them click on the webpage. Keep It Relevant in SEO - RankoOne SEO agency in dubaiAs soon as they realize it, they will go back and leave your website, increasing the bouncing rate. So, if you want to increase the traffic to your website and prevent them from leaving your website, you should not write titles as click-baits. Rather you should write optimized titles and descriptions that perfectly reflect what the content on that particular webpage is about and what they can expect from it.

Be concise

SEO services in Dubai advise website owners to be concise when they are writing the titles and descriptions of their webpages. It is necessary to optimize your titles and descriptions with relevant keywords and these should be relevant to your content too. However, you should not write titles and descriptions that are quite long. Search engines such as Google recommend the websites to keep the titles and descriptions of their content limited to a specific number of characters. If these are longer than the recommended length, then they will be cut off by the search engine algorithms. So, you should keep your titles and descriptions concise and within the character range. The recommended length for the meta titles is 50-60 characters while for meta description, it is around 150-160 characters.Be concise in SEO with Rankoone

Use actionable language

According to SEO service Dubai, you should encourage search engine users to click on the title and visit your website. To do that, your title and description should be catchy enough to grab the attention of the user. Your title and description should make them curious to know more about what they can find on your website. Hence, you should add some actionable words or call-to-action words to pique the interest of the user and get them to visit your website. 

Avoid duplicate content

Having duplicate content on the same website or on different websites is a common thing. However, these duplicate content can cause confusion in both search engines and users as they find it difficult to know which one is original. Same is the case with the meta titles and descriptions of your website. If your website has duplicate meta titles and descriptions for your webpages, it will cause confusion to the users and search engines. Therefore, you should avoid duplicate content and make sure that each of your web pages have unique titles and descriptions.


You can use the above-mentioned tips to optimize the meta titles and descriptions of your website. However, if you are not getting your desired results, you should consider hiring the best SEO services in Dubai.