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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Ecommerce Website

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Ecommerce Website

Starting an e-commerce business is an exciting as well as easy process. However, gaining more audience and generating revenue is a challenging task. Fortunately, you have to consider some things to attract more potential customers and motivate them to purchase. Among all other ways, the best is to create an ecommerce website

An attractive website leaves a long-lasting impression and establishes brand reliability and trust ratio; the most important benefit is that ecommerce website design in Dubai keeps your brand standing out from the crowd. 

We don’t think that web designing is easier, as we have discussed. This is not because it is more than just making an appealing website. It is also about understanding the customer experience. You can’t make your business successful until you know the major mistakes and avoid them. So, ask RankoOne to help you understand the mistakes and create a better website.

Mistakes to Avoid While Optimizing Your Ecommerce Website

Mistakes to Avoid While Optimizing Your Ecommerce Website - RankoOneMistakes can be committed by anyone, whether it is a newcomer or a seasonal designer. So before designing an e-commerce site, you need to consider some mistakes to avoid them. From only a desktop-friendly site to no call to action to poor-quality images, there are so many mistakes. So let’s have a look at these mistakes one by one:

1. Bad User Experience

Having a proper understanding of user experience is crucial. It is why UX is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Proper UX drive more customers
  • It positively affects marketing
  • It enhances the conversion rate

Obviously, users want to get a better UX experience when visiting your site. So, with the right UX, you can boost sales and rank your site.

2. Unclear Value Proposition

Having a clear value proposition is necessary to bring back customers. Remember that the ecommerce value proposition is not related to the published content. While the images and videos also leave an impact. 

So, during web designing, make sure to choose the right color and images for a boosted value proposition.

3. Desktop-only Design

It is true that almost 50% of users visit the site via mobile. So, having a desktop-friendly website is not a good option. At the same time, make sure to create both desktop and mobile-friendly sites (user friendly website) to increase visitors. 

4. Lack of Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is necessary to help customers to scroll along your site. Also, it helps to signify the call to action button.

Plus, visual hierarchy helps users to know valuable content and gives them insight into the elements of your site.

So make sure to use the right color schemes in the background and foreground of your site and add the right color to the text. Also, consider the right font size and layout by taking help from RankoOne. 

5. Missing Call-to-Action

Call To Action PNG Transparent Images Free Download | Vector Files | Pngtree

Besides considering visual hierarchy, make sure to add a call to action button to help users know what they need to do next.

Plus, use the precise language for the button you add. If you add “Add to cart.” It means customers can buy the product. If you add “Add to wishlist.” It means customers can consider such products.

6. Ineffective Product Pages

Most businesses remain unsuccessful because of ineffective product pages. It means their site pages have bad UX design and product details.

Remember that the product page is the first place where your customer lands. So, it is better to have a better and more effective product page to let your customers scroll more.

For this, you have to add super-quality images. Plus, you should add features and benefits of the product. In the last, add a CTA button and customer reviews. 


Remember that making the first positive impression means you have to take 50 milliseconds. Obviously, this time is not more, but it is less or more than least. 

But how do you leave this impression? For this, you need to have an attractive site, but you also need to avoid some mistakes while making an ecommerce website development Dubai. These include bad user experience, fewer visual factors, bad image quality, desktop-friendly sites and unclear content. 

Keeping all these mistakes in mind and avoiding them can help you make an attractive and compelling site. For more help, get in touch with leading website developers and social media experts at RankoOne!