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Meta Title & Meta Description is Important in SEO services

Why Meta Title & Meta Description is Important in SEO services?

SEO services aim to optimize websites for search engines for specific keywords. These prove the search engine rankings of a website and increase the web traffic to a website. In short, SEO is needed to make a website grow and successful. To make this happen, website owners hire SEO companies Dubai to improve their website rankings and increase ROI. However, many website owners tend to do the SEO of their website on their own or through an in-house SEO team. Since they do not have much experience in SEO, they often overlook an important factor of SEO.

SEO includes different factors such as keyword research, content creation, backlinks, URL optimization, and many more. So, when you are working on all these, you should not forget there is another thing that needs to be optimized too. These are meta titles and meta descriptions that may not be as important as other SEO techniques, however they still hold an important place in the SEO of your website. So, what are these meta titles and meta descriptions, and why these are important for SEO, let’s find it out.

Meta title and meta description

Meta title and meta description are the tags in HTML/XHTML that give the search engines information regarding your website and webpages. Search engines need this information to know what your webpages are about and rank them in search queries relevant to these pages. Users can also see the title and description of your website in their search results. Titles tell the users what the content is about, and description serves as snippets to let the users know what to expect in the article.

Why are meta titles and meta descriptions important?

Now that you have an idea of what meta titles and meta descriptions are, let’s take a look at why these are important in SEO services UAE

meta titles and meta descriptions important

Improve search engine ranking

SEO companies in Dubai use SEO techniques to improve the search engine rankings of the websites of their clients. So you can use these techniques including meta title and meta description optimization to improve the rankings of your website. However, there is a debate about whether both of these meta tags actually influence search engine rankings. Many experts believe that they do not have any direct effect on the rankings. Even if they do not have a direct effect on the rankings, however, they can still play some role in it. Both of these are used by the search engines to get to know what the content is about and if they are related to the search queries. If the search engines find them relevant, then they will rank your website in the user’s search results.

Increase click through rate

Increase click through rate - RankoOne

Even if you manage to get your website rank in the search results, your SEO does not end there. You also have to make sure that the users will click on your website. The click through rate or CTR of your website results in increased traffic to your website and conversion rates. So, how will you get the users to click on your website? You need to optimize the title and description of your webpages according to the user’s preferences. You should use a catchy title and a well-written description that tells the user what they can find on your website and make them click on it. In this way, you will be able to increase the click through rate of your website.


Meta title and meta descriptions are the very first introduction of your website to the searchers. So, if you add the name of your brand in the title or description, your loyal customers can immediately recognize your website and click on it. Other users can also click on your website in order to know more about your brand. In this way, meta titles and meta descriptions can help you with your brand awareness too.


To sum it all, meta titles and meta descriptions may not hold much importance as compared to the other techniques of SEO, it can still help in the on-page optimization of your website. SEO agencies in Dubai use meta titles and meta descriptions to increase the click through rates, improve the online visibility of the website, increase brand awareness, etc.

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