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Website Security Best Practices: Keeping Your Site Safe from Cyber Threats

Website Security Best Practices: Keeping Your Site Safe from Cyber Threats

Creating a website is not enough; securing it from cyber-attacks is also crucial. That is why businesses need to take some safety measures to avoid security threats. This process is called website security. For this, businesses can use different tools, software, and apps. Web security is not only limited to the safety of the site, but it is about the protection of workers, clients, and company information. However, the issue is that many website owners don’t know the process to do so. This article is designed to help you follow some web security practices. So you can increase the safety and protection of your site. You may also get help from RankoOne for their website security services to achieve better protection from cyber-attacks. 

Tips for securing and protecting your website

Don’t need to worry about cyber-attacks on your site. Follow the given below tips to secure and protect your site from malicious activities.

Get an SSL certificate

SSL, or secure socket layer, is an encrypted technology to protect data on the internet. So, buying an SSL certificate is necessary to ensure that your site follows safety protocols.

The following are some benefits of this certificate:

  • It can authenticate the domain of your site and create your ownership.
  • It can help to prevent fooling attacks.

Get an SSL certificate

So buy a certificate because it is not costly, while some website security services offer free certificates. 

Use secure passwords

Make sure to use a secure and strong password. This is necessary for webmasters who run your site’s backend. If your site has a poor password, hackers can easily recognize and log into your site and steal data. In such cases, create a strong password rather than 123456 and other passwords like this. RankoOne is the best and leading company that helps you secure your site using strong passwords.

Update your CMS and any add-ons.

CMS, plugins, software, and add-ons are at more risk of security threats. So, make sure to regularly update your password to avoid the risk of cyber-attacks. Also, make sure to check for updates and install new versions. Besides, you must consider the verified web payroll software to increase the safety of your site, its data, and materials. 

Update your CMS

Automatic daily backups

Many types of cyber threats are now damaging the reputation of sites and stealing their data. The bad scenario is when an attack can delete your site or take it down. It means you can lose all your data. In such cases, make sure to automatic daily backups and install new versions. This way, you can keep a copy of your content. 

Approve files or comments manually.

Now, hackers use SQL injection to access your database. Your site, contact form, and comment field are also at risk of attack or cybercriminals. As a result, it can exploit flaws in your contact forms and add some malicious links. So make sure to approve comments and files manually by hiring RankoOne.

Protect against XSS attacks.

XSS, or cross-site scripting, is a type of attack that adds wrong JavaScript to your site. This script then enters the user’s browser and steals all sensitive information. If you add comments without verification, then hackers can add script tags in such comments. As a result, it helps to steal user data and logins. So hackers can control every comment on the site. In such cases, you can get help from website security services to protect your site against XSS attacks. 


We have revealed many safety measures to enhance the security of your site, as there are so many malicious software that can steal your data and hack your site. So regular updates of your site software and plugins are necessary. Besides, you also need to improve the security of your site to avoid any cyber-attacks to make your business safe. Get help from RankoOne to ensure the safety of your site. 


What is website security?

Website security is the process or practice that can help to protect the site from cyber threats. This practice protects data, prevents hacking, and ensures the reliability of the website. 

Why do I need SSL/TLS for my website?

SSL/TLS is an important encryption to protect transmitted data from sites to users. Also, this encryption and website security certificate can prevent data stealing and ensure the reliability of the site by protecting sensitive information. 

How often should I update my website’s software and plugins for security?

Regular updates of site plugins and software are necessary. When you see any security patches on your site, make sure to instantly update plugins. This way, you can minimize the risk of security threats.