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How Can You Use Custom Affinity Audiences for Google Display Ads?

How Can You Use Custom Affinity Audiences for Google Display Ads?

Behind each successful ad, there is a need for the best audience. Maybe you prefer to create engaging campaigns, but all in vain if you don’t know the right audience. Google allows advertisers to target the audience according to some factors to reach the targeted audience. But how can you use affinity audiences for your Google display ads? How can the affinity programs for audiences help you to grow your business? 

Among all other factors, the most common is the Google Ads for custom affinity audiences about, which we will talk in this article. Also, if you are looking to expand your affinity audience, then get in touch with an experienced digital marketing team like RankOne. 

What are Affinity Audiences?

Don’t confuse affinity audiences with custom affinity audiences. It is because an affinity audience is displayed to customers with the same interest as your business.

The audience is created by Google, which assigns users into different categories according to their lifestyles, habits, and passions. After that, Google creates an audience to which ads can reach.

Affinity audience is helpful to increase brand awareness and drive more customers. However, don’t think that it will also bring more conversion. At the same time, its main focus is on impressions. 

Why Should I Use Custom Affinity Audiences?

Now is the time to explore the reasons why to use custom affinity audiences. So let’s start with:


As there is a large audience and many opportunities for people to engage with your brand. So, you can avail of many options to reveal your brand via various formats. For this, you have the option to put ads on YouTube, banner ads on the websites, and target customers. 

Controlled Targeting

With a custom affinity audience, you can be more granular with the target rather than generic Adwords. It means you not only have to search according to the activity while make sure to consider intent. This way, you can narrow down your search to only users who want to buy from your brand. 

Real-Time Content

Google continuously updates information on the servers. So with this information, you can get an idea about the targeted audience that is looking for the goods from you. This way you can reach more audience overnight. 

Using Custom Intent Audiences with YouTube Ads

Maybe you are ready to create a custom intent audience and target the audience with YouTube ads. 

Let’s take an example and create a video ad for e-commerce CRO services:

  • Create the intent custom audience for e-commerce stores such as Shopify, Magento, and woocommerce. 
  • Creation of video ads for CRO.
  • Creation of video campaigns in Google ads.
  • Addition of ecommerce CRO ads to the CRO ad group.
  • Addition of ecommerce intent customized audience.
  • Launching of YouTube ads and optimization of performance.

Using Custom Intent Audiences with Google Display Ads

Maybe you are ready to create custom intent in-market audiences and target the audience with the Google display network.

Let’s take an example and create a video ad for Google Ads services for law firms:

  • Creation of intent customized audience for law firms.
  • Creation of video ads.
  • Creation of display campaigns in ads and ad groups.
  • Addition of video ads to the group.
  • Creation of display ads in the group.
  • Addition of law firm custom audience to the group.
  • Launching of display ads and optimization of performance. 

Are They Right For Me?

The nature of segments and groups is that these are created for products and services. However, these are easy to add to any advertisement and target audience. These are helpful to offer more granularity useful for all niches, products, and services that can attract more large advertisers. 

However, if there are any new products, it is better to test with fewer bids and budgets. So, it helps you boost efficiency and expand customized segments to make your brand successful with the right custom affinity audiences. 


We have gone through the steps of the use of a custom affinity audience for Google display ads. With affinity audiences, you can customize your audience rather than just relying on Google options provided by the RankOne team. So, if you want to run your ads, then make sure to use a custom affinity segment!