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How Can You Make YouTube Income in 2024? 5 Strategies to Follow

How Can You Make YouTube Income in 2024? 5 Strategies to Follow

YouTube has risen to the top of social media platforms recently. Self-made celebrities strive for greater YouTube income in 2024. Those with large audiences benefit from teaching, entertaining, and motivating viewers. To maximize YouTube revenue, follow effective strategies. If you’re wondering “How much does YouTube pay?” or need a YouTube revenue calculator, connect with RankOne for expert digital marketing support.

5 Effective Ways to Make Money on YouTube

If you are starting a new business on YouTube and want to generate huge YouTube income per month, you should know how to get started perfectly. You might be wondering where to start, right? Well! With the use of best strategic planning, you can generate more income.

5 Effective Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Well! There are different effective ways provided by digital marketing teams like RankOne to generate massive income on this platform. Most of these strategies revolve around the creation of effective videos. Here, we will follow up on the 5 most effective and reliable ways to generate money on YouTube. If you’re curious about YouTube income, how much money do YouTubers make, or how much YouTube pays, we’ve got you covered.

  • Firstly, Join a Leading YouTube Partner Program

If you’ve been searching for the first-ever step to take the lead on a YouTube channel and make a massive amount of money, then join a leading YouTube partner program. Before participating in any YouTube program, you need to know how it works. YouTube content creators use the best ways to monetize your channel and bring more audience towards your channel.

When your YouTube channel has reached around 1,000 subscribers and almost 4,000 public views on long videos, then your channel will be viewed to join the YouTube partner program. But if someone’s YouTube channel doesn’t follow the criteria, then they might not be able to join this program. Moreover, how many views on YouTube to get paid and how do YouTubers make money are common questions for aspiring creators.

So, it’s vital to start creating unique and attractive content. Moreover, You can increase your channel reach as well. If you reach the criteria to start earning your income from your channel, then you can join a partner program for monetization.

  • Get Featured Services on YouTube Premium

Are you looking forward to meeting the passive YouTube income criteria? Do you want to know how do you make money on your YouTube Channel rather than running channel advertisements? Well! YouTube Premium is the best solution to all these questions. 

YouTube Premium is a paid but leading business membership service. However, this service allows people to watch every channel’s ad-free videos. YouTube video creators do not have to do anything. All they have to do is generate a revenue stream on your YouTube channel to become a YouTube Premium member. Moreover, this way, they can become a legal member of the YouTube community and also check out YouTube reviews per view to notice the analytics of their channel. 

  • Refer Affiliate Products in Your YouTube Videos

Businesses are now becoming well aware of the importance of YouTube channels. Thus, more and more people are motivated to manage their profiles on this platform. But with the expanding competition on this platform, achieving the best positions is tough.  

Once you’ve gained enough followers on this platform, then you can motivate people and refer some products to promote the company. You might experience connecting with businesses to request them to promote their famous products. 

This way, they can offer you revenue on marketing their business items and achieving more reliable audiences. It is a great way to advertise or refer affiliate products to not only increase your subscribers and followers but also get income from the advertised marketing items.


Monetization of YouTube channels has now become a time-consuming and challenging procedure. But with the following best strategies, you can generate passive YouTube income from your channel. But if you have a hectic routine and you are unable to perform all strategies to meet your business goals, then avail the services of a digital marketing company.

Connect with the RankOne team to promote your channel worth by following reliable strategies. All you need to do is make sure that you are connected with a professional team who have the experience to provide the best outcomes.