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10 Tactics Website Design Company Use as Secret

As a web designer, you should know that your work is not only about coding. Website designing is a vast field, and obviously, you want to reach its top. Other than this, web designing is known as the most crucial factor in the growth of the site. When seeking excellence, consider partnering with a leading Website Design Company in Dubai to elevate your designs to the next level.

This is the belief of almost 50% of people that website design companies in Dubai with the latest tactics can make an effective and useful web design. So you must be aware of some important tactics. 

10 Secrets About Website Designing


Website Designing

RankOne is the leading website design company in Dubai. The expert designers have designed the top 10 secrets that can help your company design an effective website to boost revenue. Let’s start with:

1. Psychology Plays an Important role

According to a study, almost 50% of people think that web design is the main factor in increasing the credibility of a site. No doubt, design is a powerful feature to inspire and encourage users. Designing is not only about colors, but it is related to illustrations, typography, and more. 

Other than this, visual effects are the base of the design to attract more people. So, understand the psychology of users and design websites. 

2. Beauty lies in simplicity

No company wants to lose a client. So, ensure you add content and links in the front to minimize clicks. With simplicity and customer-centric design, you can attract more customers to your site. 

3. Site speed is a necessity, not an option

Loading speed plays a major role in attracting customers. No user wants to spend more than 3 seconds on one site if it is not opening. Remember, speed affects bounce rate, customer retention, conversion, leads, and profit. So ensure you maximize website speed and invest your time and efforts in web designing. 

4. Marketing and Web-designing go hand-in-hand

Ensure to get enough understanding about marketing. You must know what can attract customers to call to action or what may irritate users. Having an understanding of these questions can help you design your site and overcome all needs. 

5. Presentation Matters. So is scrolling

Now, customers don’t focus more on clicking while they like to scroll the site. So, ensure to add a sliding option and design your website in a way that looks perfect and appealing. 

6. Understanding your Audience

A most important tip is to understand your audience, their behavior, and their needs. Once you have sufficient information about customers, you can design the website accordingly. 

7. Updating your site frequently

Updating your site frequently


A slow and old website is never the love of customers. The old content remains long, which means more chances of losing customers. So why don’t you give your customers a reason to scroll down your site? Ensure that you publish new blogs, the latest products, and new versions and update your site. 

8. Under Promising and over-delivering

Never exceed your limits just to inspire and attract customers. Determine your skills and potential, and then guarantee customers what you can deliver to them. 

No customer will be satisfied if you promise to deliver them a world, but actually, you deliver them only a city. Other than this, you should focus on plus points such as reaching your customer urgency before the deadlines. 

9. Never Work alone

The most important step is never to become an introvert. At the same time, develop communication skills and come out of your comfort zone. Talk to others, share suggestions, give opinions, discuss and express yourself. Ensure that you connect with customers, understand what they need, and provide them with better solutions. All these will surely help you to attract more customers. 

10. Use the right listing order

Ensure that you create an order and an unordered list to make information accessible. Other than this, remember the serial position effect, which states that users only remember bullet points at the start and end while forgetting the middle portion. So, add essential details at the start and the end. 


We have shared the top secrets of web designing that website Design Companies in Dubai employ to create an effective web design. 

Don’t take it to yourself while sharing it with others to help them become successful. Hire a leading and trusted web design company like RankOne to produce the latest web design for your business!