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Why is Digital Marketing UAE as Advanced as Anywhere Else in the World?

COVID-19 has changed many things in our lives, from industries to businesses to health to education and many more. The outbreak has caused businesses to drop their profits, caused deficiencies, and caused many other uncertain things around the road. It means the pandemic has affected the whole world on a large scale. With so many effects, industries and businesses have started transforming into a digital world around the globe, and the UAE is no exception. Thus, many online businesses prefer to start their business online through digital marketing UAE to achieve high outcomes.

Digital marketing is famous all over the world, not only in Dubai. But when we talk about its role in Dubai, this marketing is more advanced than in other parts of the world. To know more about how this marketing is useful and what its scope in the UAE market is, read our expert guide to know the reality of its popularity in UAE.  

Scope of Digital Marketing in UAE

As the UAE is considered the most technologically advanced country, there has been a prominent increase in the digital landscape, especially in marketing. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology in this field, the UAE market is growing and connected. The country offers many opportunities for businesses to reach their targeted audience.

A survey has been done and showed that almost 95% of UAE residents use the internet, so it is crucial for businesses to connect with such a targeted audience. Thus, they prefer to invest in digital marketing in UAE to upgrade their online businesses. Let’s check out the reasons why businesses prefer to invest in Digital marketing. 

Expanding Your Reach

UAE companies and businesses must be thankful for digital channels, which have made it easier for brands to reach their target audience. Social platforms and search engines allow businesses to expand their reach to people according to interest, information, and behavior.

This means now it is easier for businesses to reach the desired audience, which results in high conversion and successful marketing. A survey has been done and shows that almost 13% of social media advertising was seen in 2020. 

Making Smarter Marketing Decisions

Due to technological advancements. Businesses now have many wealth resources, data, and information. That helps them to make the right decision. Using real-time insights and analytics. Businesses can now use different marketing strategies. With accuracy and deliver a customizable experience to customers. Which will then increase business growth. 

Making Smarter Marketing Decisions

As it is considered a game-changing world, businesses can avail themselves of many benefits from marketing campaigns, which will then resonate with the targeted audience and drive success.

Businesses that prefer data-driven campaigns are almost 25 times more likely to get customers. Seven times more likely to maintain the customer base, and 19 times more likely to generate profit. 

Cost-Effective Marketing at Its Finest

Traditional marketing is not very fruitful, and it is a costly option as it requires pamphlets, newspapers, and many other things like this. On the other hand, digital marketing is cost-effective and useful for small to large businesses.

This marketing has many benefits and a proven track record. It can give a new life to businesses in the ever-growing and competitive business world.

So, businesses must consider digital marketing, analyze its success, and optimize strategies accordingly. A report showed that the companies have saved almost 30% of their budget by choosing digital marketing instead of traditional marketing in 2020. 

Building Relationships with Your Customers

Digital marketing is the way to engage with the audience in no time and develop long-lasting relationships. Social platforms and instant messages allow communication and help companies answer all concerns and queries of their audience.

This way, companies can provide a personalized experience to customers and boost brand reliability and engagement. A survey has been done, which showed that customers who engage with brands via social platforms spend 40% more than customers who don’t engage. 


Digital marketing in UAE is now a useful way to promote your business in Dubai. So choosing RankOne is the right option that can give you full edge benefits and check all your boxes. 

The experts of the company allow you to overcome your goal and meet all core missions. Other than this, the team of professionals helps you develop your services and products, manage orders, and generate leads!