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Questions You Must Ask While Hiring Marketing Companies in UAE?

Questions You Must Ask While Hiring Marketing Companies in UAE?

To make things right enough, you need to hire a marketing agency. Whether you are running a small business or an established company, you must hire a marketing agency to help you cover all your needs. But the question is how to choose the right company from a long list of best marketing companies in UAE.

Hiring Marketing Companies in UAE

For this, you have to consider some questions and ask the marketing companies to figure out the best one. Also, work with the leading marketing company in Dubai, RankOne, to take a lead towards success!

Some Important Questions You Must Ask

1. What is your experience, and do you have any specialties?

There are many marketing agencies, each with specific services. The company that mainly focuses on packing will surely not be the right option for website designing. Other than this, the company that focuses on business cards surely will not set up an e-commerce site. So, always find the agency that best suits your needs. Ask the company about the experience and specialties. 

2. Do you have any experience within my industry?

Hiring and partnering with the right agency that has worked on the same project as yours will surely help you the most. You have to research a lot about the company that can hit the ground. Ask the company if it has experience in your industry and can handle your marketing project

3. Do you have relationships with any competitors I should know about?

If you are running a restaurant and are hunting for marketing assistance, then it is better to find an agency that has worked with restaurants. However, if you are running a public firm, then it is better to work with the Top digital marketing agencies in Dubai that provide services to the competitor agency. Make sure to ask the company that has established a relationship with your competitors. 

4. Who will I be working with directly on my project?

Various marketing agencies have different models. Some agencies have art directors, while some have programmers to handle your project. On the other hand, some companies have managers who act as the middleman between customers and team members. Some agencies are automated and allow you to only fill out the form to get the services. All agencies and services have different benefits and disadvantages, so find the right company that can work with you on the project. 


5. What is the background of the people who will be working on my project?

The internal configuration of the marketing companies in UAE is also different. Some agencies have a few workers responsible for website designing and crafting marketing tactics as well as running PR. Some agencies have workers who handle and care for the entire project. So, ask the company about the background of the workers that will be working on your project. 

6. Do you use freelancers, or is your leading team in-house?

Freelancers are the best option to get services, but unfortunately, they are not available all the time. So when you have to hire a marketing agency, ask if the agency hires freelancers, work experience, and other questions. Always hire an agency that offers many collaborative benefits and solid work. 

7. What are some popular examples of victory your clients have had based on your work?

The end goal of each business is the money, signup of newsletters, site views, and better logo. So ask the company if it offers you the right example of success and cherishes your value. Make sure to check the Top marketing companies in Dubai reports and case studies to know that the agency will cover marketing goals. Keep in mind that mail campaigns and SEO are the best ways to drive better results. However, some other projects, such as logo formation and card designs, can express better ROI


Whether you have to design your site or run a marketing campaign then hiring one of the best marketing companies in UAE is the best option. Partnership with designers, developers, professionals, and programmers at RankOne who can help you focus on your business and run the right strategies.

However, the above-mentioned questions will surely help you to find the right marketing company. So don’t be confused and ask these questions!