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Common mistakes to avoid when promoting on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most used social media platforms in the world. That’s why marketers use this platform to engage with their audience and promote their products. Not only that, but they also devise Instagram money making strategies to monetize your account. Are you using Instagram but are not getting the desired results? Are you putting a lot of effort into creating content and managing Instagram campaigns but are unable to attain results? Do your competitors get more likes than your Instagram posts? If so, it is common to feel discouraged and you may end up giving up. Consider seeking assistance from a professional Instagram marketing agency to boost your presence and achieve your goals.

If you do not want to give up on your Instagram advertising, then you should avoid these common mistakes:

Poorly defined goals

When you want to achieve something, you need to set your goals to achieve that. Setting a goal helps you to stay on track and avoid getting sidetracked. It also helps you to devise strategies that will lead you to achieve your goal. However, if you do not have a clear goal, you will more likely lose focus and direction.

Ignoring analytics

Ignoring analytics on Instagram - RankoOne

Another common mistake that marketers do on Instagram is not paying attention to analytics. Instagram has algorithms that give you insight into the analytics of your posts and also the account as a whole. These analytics help you to analyze and compare which of your posts got most likes. You can also compare the statistics to find what is the best time to post your content. You can also know what is the post frequency that you should use. There is not a pin-point answer to these questions. However, you can find the answers by trial-and-error method and experimenting with your Instagram posts. 

Low quality content

If you are failing to achieve your target through Instagram marketing, you should make sure that you are not posting low quality content. Low quality content is the easiest way to lose followers and it makes it hard for your customers to trust your brand. So, posting high quality content not only brings you new followers, but it also establishes your brand identity. You should not post blurry and unclear photos and videos and use captions that grab the attention of your audience. Partnering with a reputable Instagram Marketing Agency can further enhance your strategy and results.

Overuse of hashtags

Overuse of hashtags - RankoOne

The use of hashtags allow your target audience to find your account and posts on Instagram. That is why Instagram users use multiple hashtags so that it is easier for their audience to find their posts. Although this strategy can be helpful for personal accounts, it can be opposite for brands and businesses. You need to post authentic content to get more followers and convert them into potential customers. But too many hashtags can make your content look like spam, and it can result in losing potential customers.

Inconsistent posting

If you want to leverage Instagram for your marketing needs and get benefit from it to the fullest, you should post consistently. You should make a posting schedule in which you decide how frequently you want to post. You can decide to post daily or 2-3 times per week. Whatever schedule you decide to follow, make sure to stick to that. If you decide to post daily, then you should post every day no matter what. If you plan to post 2-3 times a week, make sure to follow that schedule. If you post inconsistently and randomly, it will make your audience lose interest and trust in your brand. 

Not engaging with followers

Not engaging with followers - RankoOne

Another mistake that you should avoid is not engaging with your followers. Remember that Instagram is a social media platform and if you want to succeed here, you should be social with your audience. Engaging with your customers helps build trust between your brand and your followers. It also helps you to get more followers and grow your account. What you have to do is actively engage with your customers and reply to their comments. You should also reply to their dms as soon as possible.

Failing to adapt

You will not be able to achieve your marketing goals if you fail to adapt to new features of Instagram. Instagram continues to update and introduce new features and algorithms. You should adapt to new features and use them so that you will not fall behind others.


We have mentioned a few common mistakes that marketers make on Instagram. If you want to achieve your goals and desired results, make sure you are not making these mistakes. However, if you want to get faster results, you should consider hiring an Instagram marketing agency.
RankoOne, as an advertising agency, can provide assistance in addressing these challenges and optimizing your Instagram strategy for better performance and results.