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7 Signs You Need SEO Services for Your Business

7 Signs You Need SEO Services for Your Business

Are you a business owner or running an online business? Well! You have to understand business and need SEO services to increase digital prominence as well as achievement. If you have to get SEO services from RankOne, then you should know what significant signs are. 

Major Signs to Consider That Will Allow You to Hire SEO Services

When struggling online, there are certain signs asking you to connect with one of the best SEO companies in Dubai for SEO. Let’s discuss all the signs that you must take seriously and hire SEO experts in Dubai: 

7 Signs You Need SEO Services for Your Business

  • You have unfortunate search engine positions

As a business owner, your main objective should be to raise your online existence and attract more customers. Though it is the digital world, setting your online prominence is vital. It is necessary to warn your audience about your brand and services.

At this step, you have to hire a virtual assistant for SEO services to insert the targeted keywords. So, using such a keyword, the assistant can rank your site in the search engine. 

2. Your organic traffic is declining

SEO is the most preferred marketing technique to enhance the online presence and searchability of the site. So, by applying the right SEO practices, your site can get a high ranking in search results, which then attracts more traffic. As a result, it generates more leads and sales. At this step, an SEO specialist in Dubai can help you rank your site and bring organic traffic. 

3. Your keyword strategy is not giving you results

Your keyword strategy is not giving you results

When you want to attract more visitors to your website, then keywords play a major role. If you don’t focus on the right placement of keywords, then it will affect your site presence. So, to make your process easier, you can contact the local SEO Dubai expert and ensure a better presence. 

4. You have a high bounce rate

A website with a higher or medium bounce rate is less likely to attract more visitors. So visitors leave the site after viewing one page and don’t interact with other pages. 

Unfortunately, a high bounce rate means people don’t find what they are looking for, or maybe the website doesn’t feel like they are interacting. So, to keep your audience engaged, make sure to add compelling content to avoid a high bounce rate. Hiring an SEO company will help your business enhance its content, site navigation, and layout. 

5. Your website speed is (super) slow

Maybe you don’t focus on it, but if your website’s loading speed is more than 3 seconds, then it is less likely to attract a bigger audience. As a result, there are many chances of missing potential leads and customers. 

Here, the SEO services of RankOne can help to optimize site speed. The experts ensure the engagement of the audience with your site and resolve loading issues by using insight tools and other techniques. 

6. Your website is not mobile-responsive

Do you know that more than half of site traffic comes from phones? So designing an updated and mobile responsive site is necessary to protect your business from harmful effects. 

Even if you add high-ranking keywords, users still can’t run it on their phones. They will likely be frustrated. As a result, they will leave your site, which then affects overall ranking and visibility.

Here, some mobile-friendly site tools can help improve and optimize the site according to the mobile interface. You may also get help from SEO experts to make your site mobile-friendly. 

7. Your business has no local visibility

Last but not least, your locally designed site is not showing in the local search results. It means your site is less likely to be optimized on Google My Business. So, ensure that you create a Google My Business Page to know that your site is present in the local directories.

Other than this, make sure to add your contact details such as name, address of your business, phone numbers, and more on all platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, List, Facebook, and more. Local SEO Dubai can make a huge difference in your local positioning online. 


Till now, we have an idea about some important signs that can help you choose the best SEO agencies in UAE. Make sure to consider portfolio, testimonials, culture, and many other factors to know if the company is worth investing in. 

Keep in mind that almost 53% of traffic comes from organic sources, so don’t miss out on such moments. Hire RankOne as your SEO service and enjoy the boost of your business.